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SueCat's Palace is the home of Buttons, Leo and Smokey

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Buttons is our 15 year old female tabby. My son brought her home at 6 weeks of age. She has a real attitude problem, but we love her anyway. Smokey and Leo are 10 year old littermates that were part of a litter of 5 born under my house. I nursed all 5 of them for four months after their mother ran away. They were sooo adorable! I found good homes for three of them and kept Leo and Smokey, who is a female tortie. She is a little "nervous nellie", but very cute! Leo is our mellow fellow. Nothing bothers him and he is very affectionate.

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I (SueCat) am a 52 yr.old housewife who loves my kitties. I have been married for 30 yrs. to Ed, and have one son, Mike, who is 33. We were blessed in Nov. 2005 with our first grandchild! I am a retired xray tech and my hobbies include singing alto in my church choir, reading and of course the Internet. I especially enjoy making web graphics and offer them free for personal pages. See the banner link below.

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Due to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, I have started a webring called "God Bless America and her friends", to link together all the poignant sites that have been made. If you would like to join go to: Diva of the Net is as dedicated to animal welfare as I am...please click on the link below to visit their site.



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This week's "star" is "Skyler", a beautiful 5 month old little guy owned by Kittara
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 Two uncontrolled Breeding Cats...
plus all of their kittens, and all their kittens'
kittens, if none are ever spayed or neutered add
up to:
2 litters per year
2.8 surviving kittens per litter
10 year breeding life
in 10 years could reach 80,399,780

1st year 12
2nd year 68
3rd year 382
4th year 2,021
5th year 12,680
6th year 73,041
7th year 420,715
8th year 2,423,316
9th year 13,958,290
10th year 80,399,290

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